Voice workshop with Ditte Berkeley: “Voice Tale. Speaking Song”

Østfold Internasjonale Teater are happy to announce a voice workshop with Ditte Berkeley: “Voice Tale. Speaking Song” is an exploration into our own voices and building the foundation to support it through breath, physical support and imagination.

Ditte Berkeley is an independent and international vocal and performance artist whos voice work has been hosted by several dance institutions and festivals. In April, she will hold an exclusive workshop at Østfold Internasjonale Teater in Fredrikstad.

Every voice has a tale to tell. In fact, the voice has a million tales to tell, depending on the song it’s singing, the experiences it goes through, the person who is listening, the sounds surrounding it, the state I, who am singing, am in, says Ditte:

As an actress I enter into a dialogue with my voice every time I sing a song. I ask: How are we going to sing this today? What about this sound? How does it feel? What does it say? What tale does it tell? The exploration takes me further and brings more questions. This is the work of the performer that wishes to make the song a tool for a very deep exchange of experience between the singer and the listener. The voice is naked, and allows us to share on a level that we are not used to and often feel unsure of. An exploration of its borders and its connections through a deep physical experience, with images, with associations, makes our tools richer for communication and allows for a space of discovery.

The workshop

The work session focuses on an exploration into our own voices and our voices reflected and fused in the voices of others; on the strength of standing confident with the sound of our own voice, exploring its richness and building the foundation to support it, through breath, physical support, imagination. Discovering its strength when appearing singly, and power when it adds to the richness of a common sound created by other voices.

This work session is for everyone interested in the process of performing through song. It builds on the support of the ensemble, helping us to work as a team as we grow as individuals. A work much needed in today’s world based on individuality and, very often, competitiveness. Polyphonic singing tradition brings people together in the joy of creating beautiful sounding music together and teaches us endless lessons on how to exist and work together.

Pratical information
Saturday, 15. April, 15:00-17:30.
Place: Østfold Internasjonale Teater, Dokka 3A, Fredrikstad
Dress code: Loose clothing is recommended
Water, coffee and fruit will be available

Ditte Berkeley

Ditte Berkeley (Denmark, UK) was brought up in Spain. In 2001, she graduated from Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London. She has since been a leading actress and co-creator with Teatr ZAR in Wrocław, Poland, performing in Teatr ZAR’s works and taking part in their numerous expeditions. Performances include a triptych comprising Gospels of Childhood, Ceasarean Section and Anhelli: The Calling, Armine, Sister and Anhelli. The Howl and most recently Medee/ Mojry.

Since 2006 Ditte has collaborated with the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław as a researcher in the field of voice. As well as being a theatre practitioner, she was the initiator and artistic director of the cyclical VoicEncounters project in Wrocław. In 2009, in collaboration with CPR (Wales), she co-organised the Giving Voice International festival.

She has collaborated with Studio Matejka, physical theatre company, during the research period of 2010–2013 as voice supervisor and trainer. Ditte has also led various workshops with Teatr ZAR, including Into the Sound, and has engaged in the vocal research line of the BodyConstitution programme at the Grotowski Institute. She is the leader of her workshop Voice Tale (Speaking Song) and The Rite of Voice, both in Poland and internationally. Her voice work has been hosted by dance institutions and festivals, including the Cyrkulacja festival regularly held in Wroclaw. Ditte collaborates with the American based theatre company Source Material under the direction of Samantha Shay, with whom she performed Monument (or, King Lear) in the Los Angeles and New York in 2019.


Bonus: KunstFest Vol. 3!

Please note that this workshop will take place as an extended part of KunstFest Vol. 3 – an evening filled with perfomances, happenings, concerts and dancing! We hope all participants will be able to join in after the workshop!

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