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A Play in Clay

13.05.23 kl. 12:30 – 16:00A Play in ClayFredrikstadKulturskolen, Dokka 3bFree

A play in Clay

On Barnas Verdensdag in Fredrikstad performance artists Livia and Petros invite the audience of Fredrikstad to transform the streets to a playground!

Join them in the square for poetry reading. Participate in a series of games, street sculpting and bodies transformations, using words and clay. No experience needed. For both young and old, friends and family, neighbors and grandmas!

Barnas Verdensdag is organised by Fredrikstad kommune. “A Play in clay” is shown in collaboration with Østfold Internasjonale Teater, where the artists are currently in residence with the project Metamorphosis no 2.

About Liva and Petros

Livia Hiselius works as a performer, theater-maker, pedagogue ,and has ignited, co-created and led projects, production and artistic collaborations. She is one of the artistic leaders of FiaskoKompaniet, focusing on how performance meets scenography and objects. At the moment she divides her time between her own work and commission work for some of Sweden’s bigger theaters.

Petros Lappas is an international multidisciplinary artist based in Oslo. His work consists of a combination of different disciplines. Architecture, music, poetry, visual and performing arts meet and collaborate in an environment of openness, dialogue and creativity. Working in the arts means suggest, invest and experiment unknown paths. His goal is to challenge existing boundaries and redefine established methods and forms in creation.

Barnas Verdensdag Fredrikstad

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