Workshop with Kitt Johnson

Are you curious about artistic work in public space? Join us for a four-day workshop in site-specific work in public space with choreographer Kitt Johnson!

This workshop is aimed at artists both from the physical and visual field who have an interest in site-specific work in public space. It all takes place in Fredrikstad in connection with Merge Norway’s festival for contemporary circus.

Wednesday 8. November 11:00 – Saturday 11. November 17:00
Rebellhuset and Isegran, Fredrikstad

Kitt Johnsons method

Kitt Johnson X-act was founded in 1992 and is one of Denmark’s longest-running dance companies. Since 2008, choreographer and artistic director Johnson has worked both nationally and internationally – including in Østfold, with the site-specific art concept Mellemrum.

Based on the mapping method developed for Mellemrum, participants will both collectively and individually develop concepts, sketches and strategies for work that relates specifically to a given area. Everyone is welcome to participate, using themselves as a tool. Participants will discuss the ethical responsibilities associated with creating art in so-called “public space”, working with both real and fictional places, as well as basic mapping of the surroundings.

Practical information

Organisers: Merge Norway, in collaboration with Østfold International Theatre and OppNed Sirkus.
Price NOK. 3700,- incl. accommodation and per diem.
Sign up to kontakt@kompanito.com
Access: Participants are responsible for travelling to Fredrikstad (train and bus are good alternatives).The organisers in Merge Norway can pick you up at the train station if you wish.
Location: Accommodation, meals and evening activities take place at Isegran, which is about 15 minutes walking distance from the centre of Fredrikstad.
The workshop is supported by Arts Council Norway and Fredrikstad Municipality.

Photo above: From Mellemrum – Encounter, Moss, Yaniv Cohen
After the workshop on 11 November, participants have a unique opportunity to catch the site-specific performance Mannen og kråka: Kråka (The Man and the Crow) at Isegran in Fredrikstad