PICTURE Budapest – Østfold 2017

Exploration of artistic interventions in (post-) industrial environments.

by Agnes Sirland | 11. nov 2016 

PICTURE Budapest – Østfold 2017 PICTURE Budapest – Østfold 2017 is an interdisciplinary research and exchange project initiated by the Artopolis Association and Østfold kulturutvikling, avd. Scenekunst (from 2020 Østfold International Theater, ed. note).

Østfold kulturutvikling, avd. Scenekunst have selected 5 artists from Norway who specialize in art in public spaces. Among other things these artists each recieve a scholarship of 45,000 NOK, and as part of the project they will participate in two seminars and two workshops. The Artopolis Association is responsible for selecting artists in Hungary.

The project explores how artists can contribute to redefining and rehabilitating industrial urban spaces in Østfold and Hungary. The project will involve key people in urban planning, architecture, sociology and urban development, and will look at, among other things, interdisciplinary synergies between art and urban development.

The project is financially supported by EEA funds.


  • 13.–17. february 2017: Seminar in Budapest
  • 20.–24. february 2017: Seminar in Moss and Fredrikstad
  • 21.–30. march 2017: Workshop in Moss and Fredrikstad
  • 13.–22. april 2017: Workshop in Budapest

Østfold kulturutvikling, avd. Scenekunst (from 2020 Østfold International Theater) in Moss/Fredrikstad, Norway and the Artopolis Association in Budapest are members of IN SITU – European Network for Artistic Creation in Public Space. The network is supported by the EU cultural program Creative Europe.