Webinars on art in public space

Are you curious about or do you work with artistic expressions in public spaces? IN SITU is a network of international programmers working in this field, including Østfold International Theater.

At a time when it is difficult to gather large groups physically, we have joined forces with the French art academy, FAI-AR, who are making a number of online webinars by and with curators and artists who work with art in public spaces.

Every Tuesday in the period April 7th to May 5th 2020 you’ll be able to participate in a live webinar with selected artists and performers. 

On 5 May, you will meet curator / producer James Moore from Østfold International Theater together with Alexandros Mistriotis, who collaborates with ØIT on the performance The Reception in Moss (photo above. Photo: Harald Fossen).

The webinar series is part of the online course Create in public space, produced by the French art academy Fai-Ar. 
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The webinars are helt in English.

Webinarer on art in public spaces
Meet IN SITU-artists and organizers.
Tuesday April 14th at 17:00
Tuesday April 21st at 17:00
Tuesday April 28th at 17:00
Tuesday May 5th at 17:00

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IN SITU Talk #4: May 5th at 17:00

Case study of a site-specific creation: The Reception, Moss

In this conversation moderated by Marine Thevenet, Østfold International Theatre’s curator / producer James Moore and the artist Alexandros Mistriotis present their collaborative process around the performance The Reception in Moss.

The Reception is a four and a half hour artistic city walk for up to 15 participants in the city of Moss, Norway, first staged in September 2018. The performance is special in that it does not contain staged tableaux: Rather, the action takes place in the head of the audience, while Mistriotis uses the city itself and specific places as a starting point for weaving together a series of stories, reflections and readings.

The Reception was developed on the basis of Mistriotis’ work of the same name in his hometown of Athens, Greece. Facilitation of a version in Moss required a close collaboration that stretched over and between five residency periods that began in June 2017.

In the webinar, Moore and Mistriotis discuss the context in Moss and Fredrikstad, as well as the process, methodology and activities for engaging local residents in the development of the site-specific work. 

Participants: James Moore, Curator/Producer, Østfold Internasjonale Teater (NO/US)
Alexandros Mistriotis, artist (GR) Marine Thevenet, moderator, Les Tombees de la Nuit (FR)

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IN SITU Talk #3: 28. april kl. 17:00

How to transform a small city into a whole theater.
Behind the scenes of FiraTàrrega

“How to transform a small city into a whole theater. Behind the scenes of FiraTàrrega; moving from thought and ideas to production.”

During this webinar, team members of FiraTàrrega will present and reflect upon their work with the city : How to transform a small city into a whole theater? What for? And how to proceed to make this happen?

Participants (tbc):
Anna Giribet Argilès, Artistic Director,
FiraTàrrega and Mike Ribalta, Head of professional area, FiraTàrrega (ES)

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IN SITU Talk #2: 21. april kl 17:00

Public space and politics in Hungary

In Hungary, under the present political regime, if an artist or a festival intends to create in public space, they have to relate to an over-politicized public realm which is one of the most important platforms of the political propaganda of the government. On the other hand, Hungarian operators have to face different obstacles to accessing public spaces.

Fanni Nanáy will give some examples of how Hungarian public spaces have been changing during the past 9 years, in line with the political agenda of the authoritarian government. Together with the artivist Zoltán Várady, she will question the different strategies of artists and cultural professionals to face this reality.

Fanni Nanáy, Artopolis and PLACCC festival, Budapest (HU),
Zoltán Várady, Hungarian Two Tailed Dog Party, Budapest (HU).

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IN SITU Talk #1: 14. April kl 17:00

Outdoor arts in the UK : Specificities and challenges

Leaders of Freedom Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival came together to talk about their festivals and the history of street arts and outdoor arts in the UK. They focused on how their programmes are shaped by the artists they work with, the cities they call home, and the audiences they attract. In discussion, they considered the challenges of the future including audience development, diversity and difference, and environmental change.

Participants: Mikey Martins, Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive (Freedom Festival, UK), Mark Denbigh, Head of Production and Programme (Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK), Daniel Brine, Artistic Director and Chief Executive (Norfolk & Norwich Festival, UK)

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