Night Sea Journey at FMV

A poetic circus walk in the moonlight where the stories meet the sea.
The walk takes approx. 2.5 hours. Recommended for adults and children, 8 years and older.

We’re celebrating Fredrikstad’s 450th anniversary with a walk through industrial ruins that are transformed into a mythological landscape with world-class circus artists, live music and art installations. This is a unique and spectacular experience at what was previously Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted.

On the hike we do not follow one coherent story, but experience a series of short stories that unfold as a fairy tale book for the senses, with colorful characters and strange situations

Karoline Aamås from Elven & Havet hangs high under the ceiling
in this video of Night Sea Journey at FMV.

On the hike you will meet world famous Cirkus Cirkör, showing you spectacular acrobatics. They draw inspiration from performances such as “Borders” and “Limits”, where they examine life in motion and people’s relationship to boundaries. In a world of flight, migration and new frontiers, the performers also test their personal limits for risk and pain.

Det lille mekaniske loppesirkuset was formed by Fredrikstad’s own Rudi Skotheim Jensen. During the walk, they play scenes from the performance Elven & Havet, which explores the borderland between the circus and the maritime through play and wonder.

From Elven & Havet. Photo: Promo image

Fredrikstad’s own new circus company, Abaris Aerial Theater, deltar også med sine lokalealso participates with its local performers. In addition to this, six master’s students in scenography from HiØ’s Akademi for scenekunst will create atmospheric installations inspired by a research project at FMV. This is guaranteed to be a memorable experience in a place that is already rich in stories.

Østfold kulturutvikling is a member of IN SITU European Platform for Art in Public Space. This project is a part of Østfold kulturutviklings work with innovative performing arts in the public space. Østfold kulturutvikling illuminates and explores migration from an artistic perspective. Here you will be part of a large migration of people in an area that is usually closed and forbidden to the public.

Østfold kulturutvikling has previously collaborated with Cirkus Cirkör with the performances “Wear It Like A Crown” in 2011, “Undermän” in 2012, and most recently with «Knitting Peace» i 2014.
Alongside Cirkörs show «Limits», performed at Blå Grotte, Night Sea Journey at FMV will be the first full scale, site-specific collaboration since last year’s pilot project at the former hospital in Cicignon as part of Kulturnatt 2016 .


Cirkus Cirkör
Jesper Nikolajeff – co-Project Manager
Cajsa Lindegren – co-Project Manager
Samuel «Looptok» Andersson – composer, musician
Maja Långbacka – musician
Fredrik Eckström – lighting design
Joakim Björklund – sound engineer
Esmeralda Nikolajeff – aerial acrobat
Mira Leonard – aerial acrobat
Ethan Law – performer
Mikael Linström – performer
Peter Åberg – acrobat, juggler
Saara Ahola – acrobat, aerial acrobat
Sarah Lett – tissue-artist
Einar Kling Odencrants – acrobat

Det lille mekaniske loppesirkuset
Rudi Skotheim Jensen – concept and director
Hanne von Bergen – composer, musician
Camilla Wexels Riser – scenography, costumes
Gunnvá Meinseth – lighting design
Karoline Aamås – aerial acrobat
Elise Bjerkelund Reine – trapeze artist, snake woman
Mikael Kristiansen- acrobat, balance artist
Mathias Ramfelt- juggler, acrobat

Abaris Aerial Theater
Espen Schei – Creative leader and producer
Tina Schei – aerial acrobat
Ida Schei – aerial acrobat
Elena Leucht – tissue-artist
Huriyet Niyaz – aerial acrobat
Marte Beck – performer
Miriam Magnussen – performer
Dominik Cieszynski – performer
Ronald Blecken – performer

Høgskolen i Østfold, Akademi for scenekunst
Karen Kipphoff – artistic supervisor
Liam Alzafari- set designer
Tolga Balci- set designer
Sara Evelyn Brown- set designer
Namanja Cado – set designer
Anne Cecilie Lie – set designer
Annika Flo – set designer
Tim Finset – technician

In collaboration with:

Fredrikstad kommune
Fredrikstad 450 år
Jotne Eiendom A/S


The hike takes place both indoors and outdoors. Dress according to the weather conditions.
The hike moves through developed indoor and outdoor areas that do not meet the requirements for universal design.