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The Man and the Crow: “The Man”

19.11.22 kl. 21:00 – 22:30The Man and the Crow: “The Man”FredrikstadIsegran (outdoors)SOLD OUT

The Man and the Crow: The Man

After an impressive Fredrikstad debut during Culture Night, the theater company Vadmelsbanden is back: “The Man” is an outdoor performance that will light up the November darkness with acoustic music, masks, torches and folk culture.

Fredrikstad, Isegran
Saturday 19. November  2022, 21:00

The young theater company Vadmelsbanden has a fondness for ancient stories and techniques. Their performances are described as magical and atmospheric and take place outside – often with fire, water, masks and acoustic music as central ingredients.

In The Man and the Crow: “The Man” we meet The Man who has received a prophetic message. He walks through fire and water to warn the city’s population: The crows will land in the city and wipe out human kind!

In his fight against the forces of nature, he has lost his son to the raging river. Outdoors at Isegran, the audience are invited into the mysterious November night to a performance about conviction, resistance, grief and fate.

“The Man” is part of a series of performances inspired by the medieval ballad Kråkevisa (The Crow’s Song); where a man on his way to the forest to chop wood picks a fight with a huge and deadly crow. The work explores the distinction between the pietistic world view of older folk culture and the existential projects of modern man. The performances are developed by the company in collaboration with Østfold Internasjonale Teater through 2022 and 2023

Practical information

The performance is played outdoors. Please dress according to weather conditions.


By and with Vadmelsbanden: Sebastian Warholm, Ole Petter Ribe, Simen Formo Hay, Eirik Vildgren, Sindre Hansen, Gina Lindås Theodorsen, Jacob Jensen, Magnus Holmen, Fredrik Thorbjørnsen Størseth, Liv Artemis Nygaard, Stephanie Turcotte, Jacob Jensen, Maria Drangeid, Malin Landa, Mikkel Gundelach, Brede Fristad, Simon Mørland
Co- produced by ØIT.
Producer ØIT: Karoline Solbakken Photo: Harald Fossen