– a love drama in the field

Join the great drama of our daily bread in Korn, an outdoor performance by Tiril Pharo!

Friday, September 13th, 2024: 2pm and 6pm
Saturday, September 14th 2024: 2pm and 6pm
Gudebergjordet, Fredrikstad
Free tickets during Kulturnatt Fredrikstad

Korn (translating to seed /grain in English) is a magnificent story about the love between man and the soil and between Liv and Ask, two idealistic farmers. Here we meet Liv, archaeologist and farm girl. When her father dies in the middle of the shed, she suddenly has to make a choice: Should she take over the family farm, or should she sell it and continue her research life in the city? In the throes of the choice, she meets the gatherer and hunter Ask. The two fall in love in the middle of the field.

Korn is a tribute to the farmer, the soil and soil bacteria. Who is working for your slice of bread? Where does the grain come from? “We shouldn’t take food and the farmer for granted,” warns playwright Tiril Pharo.

Whether you have bathed in your own grain or buy ready-made bread at the store every day, Korn is an unusual experience about something ordinary: the bread on the breakfast table and the love between people and the earth. Four actors and a tractor interact with the soil and the forest, so you can put on your boots, walk in the landscape, feel the grain and get your fingers dirty. Join the great drama about our daily bread!

Practical info

This performance takes place outdoors, where the audience wanders freely while observing the small people working in the large cultural landscape. You will be given your own headset, where voices from the past and present are accompanied by the sounds of agriculture: tractor whirring, sheep bleating, flies buzzing and grain rustling in the wind.

Please wear good shoes and dress accoringly to the weather conditions!
The language of this performance is Norwegian.

Tickets are offered free of charge through Kulturnatt Fredrikstad.
Limited number of places! First come, first served!

Credits Korn

Concept, stage text and direction: Tiril Pharo
Co-director: Kornelia Melsæter

Tiril Pharo – Liv
Kadir Talabani – Ask
Marie Longva Danielsen – Kornmo
Sebastian Warholm – Wolf

Dramaturg: Lene Therese Teigen
Choreographer: Sigrid Edvardsson
Sound design: Andreas Lyngstad
Technical coordinator: Kristoffer Nicolaysen
Producer: Syv mil v/ Ingrid Saltvik Faanes

Presented in collaboration with: Østfold International Theatre and The Theatre Festival in Fjaler.

Collaborators and sponsors: The production is supported by Arts Council Norway, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Bergesen Foundation and Dramatikkens Hus. The performances at Østfold International Theatre are offered free of charge through Culture Night Fredrikstad.

§112 Fredrikstad

Korn is a part of §112 Fredrikstad, a new arts and culture festival, which over four months will explore whether we are good ancestors. The backdrop is the constitution’s environmental clause. Through cultural experiences, conversations, public meetings and debate, §112 will present climate issues to the public in a new way.

Read more at paragraf112.no

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