(UN)COMMON SPACES: Artistic laboratory

This autumn, six internationally renowned artists will come to explore Østfold, as part of the EU-supported project (UN)COMMON SPACES.

31. October- 4. November 2022

Østfold Internasjonale Teater is a partner institution in (UN)COMMON SPACES, a four-year, international collaborative project that aims to redefine the relationship between artists, organizers and the public.

17 partners and 12 associated partners from Europe, the USA and Asia participate in the programme, which runs from 2020-2024 and is supported by the European Unions Creative Europe Programme. The core of the project is to use the artists’ expertise to give new perspectives on societal challenges related to the use of communal areas.

In autumn 2022, ØIT has invited six artists (Associate Artists) to Østfold to explore different places and contexts together. The aim is to develop concepts for new works in the meeting with the region.

The works will all take place within a circular geographical area with a 30 kilometer radius and Fredrikstad as its centre. Here, one finds a varied topography; large forests, lakes, beaches, an archipelago, small villages, larger towns, factories, farms, an underwater nature reserve. Local partners will contribute insight and knowledge when we introduce the artists to Fredrikstad and build a network around them and their activities.

A two-day seminar open to external participants will be organized during the laboratory, read more here:

>>IN SITU Focus seminar 2022


>> Johannes Bellinkx (BE)
>> Eva Bubla (HU)
>> Leonardo Delogu (IT)
>> Seth Honnor (UK)
>> Naja Lee Jensen (DK)
>> Nana Francisca Schottländer (DK)
Curator-producer ØIT: James Moore

Photo: From (UN)COMMON SPACES in Budapest 2022: From left: Seth Honnor (UK), Katrien Verwilt (DK), Leonardo Delogu (IT), Naja Lee Jensen (DK), Mikey Martins (UK) Carla Tommasini (IT), Simon Tubb (UK), Emke Idema (NL), Johannes Bellinkx (BE) Eva Bubla (HU), Nana Francisca, Schottländer (DK), James Moore (US). Photo: Kees Lesuis

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