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In Search of Democracy 3.0 – performance

17.06.23 kl. 13:00 – 14:30In Search of Democracy 3.0 – performanceFredrikstadØstfold Internasjonale Teater, Dokka 3 aTickets

Panel discussion: Kunst, medvirkning og lokaldemokrati

17.06.23 kl. 14:30 – 16:00Panel discussion: Kunst, medvirkning og lokaldemokratiFredrikstadØstfold Internasjonale TeaterLes mer

In Search of Democracy 3.0, performance

19.06.23 kl. 18:30 – 20:00In Search of Democracy 3.0, performanceDrammen, KulturytringDrammen BibliotekRead more

In Search of Democracy 3.0 -performance

20.06.23 kl. 13:30 – 15:00In Search of Democracy 3.0 -performanceKulturytring Drammen Drammen BibliotekRead more

Panel discussion: Kunst og aktivt byborgerskap

20.06.23 kl. 15:00 – 16:00Panel discussion: Kunst og aktivt byborgerskapDrammen, KulturytringBiblioteket, 2. etgKulturytring.no

In Search of Democracy 3.0 -performance

21.06.23 kl. 13:00 – 14:30In Search of Democracy 3.0 -performanceKulturytring Drammen Drammen BibliotekRead more

In Search of Democracy 3.0 -performance

23.06.23 kl. 17:00 – 18:30In Search of Democracy 3.0 -performanceSånafest (Hølen)Elverhøyveien 32Tickets

In search of Democracy 3.0

18.11-29.11 2024 kl. In search of Democracy 3.0School tour

In Search of Democracy 3.0 – Performance

If we want to distribute power in a fair way, something must change. But what – and how? In Search of Democracy 3.0 is an energetic and humorous performance about democracy.

Can art and theater contribute to urban development and increased participation? Yes, says Company New Heroes, who travel around Europe in search of an upgraded democracy. In the autumn of 2021 they came to Norway with this interactive, critically acclaimed performance. In 2024 ØIT are premiering the Norwegian version.

In Search of Democracy 3.0 consists of two productions: One is an interactive installation, which invites people to actively participate in deciding what the cities of the future should look like. 
The second part is this interactive performance about the history of democracy.

Read more about In Search of Democracy 3.0 – installation here >>

Company New Heroes put the concept of democracy into a concrete and understandable setting. Photo: Company New Heroes.

Energy and humour

The international news picture can be downright depressing: authoritarian leaders, algorithm-driven information, polarization, economical power and growing distrust of politicians. In Norway, we are so lucky to live in a country where democracy is in good shape in general. At the same time, local democracy can be characterized by powerlessness in the face of national or global demands.

If we want to distribute power in a fair way, something must change. But what – and how? Company New Heroes is looking for answers throughout Europe – and in Norway.

This is something as unusual as an energetic, humorous, visual and musical performance – about democracy. It all begins with a story about the origins of democracy that will probably surprise many – and continues through today’s challenges and towards a possible future. The actors are constantly active with the audience, who can contribute with their input or through voting.

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Panel discussions on art and democratic participation

Can art contribute to active urban citizenship and real participation in democratic processes?
After the performances in Fredrikstad on June 17th and Drammen on June 20th, we will organize panel discussions on this topic! In addition, there will be a panel discussion on June 12th in Oslo, during Heddadagene – come join us!

>>Scenekunst utenfor scenen, Heddadagene/Det Norske Teatret, Oslo, June 12th at 10:00

>>Art and active city citizenship, Kulturytring Drammen, June 20th at 15:00

What press and audiences say

[Translated] “From the outset, the actors involve the audience in the search for democracy […] everyone will contribute orally to the loose discussion, which is nevertheless kept closely under control by De Man and his actors in a smart and witty way. Fast, improvised jokes in between and a big pile of suggestions from the audience. ”

– Dagblad van het Noorden

[Translated] “I was at a show about democracy this afternoon. There were many ideas from around the world on how we can better involve people in politics, and ensure that their voice is heard. I took notes. These were really good ideas and I will definitely remember them! ”

-Lilianne Ploumen, former minister, on the dutch tv-channel NTS

[Translated] “The energy and inspiration that ‘In Search of Democracy’ brings, and which will only increase during the tour, is a very welcome addition to the advice of political committees with the same theme. It sounds so obvious, but is unfortunately rarely done: Involve creative minds in designing new ideas and setting up a social conversation.”

– Theaterparadijs

[Translated] “Company New Heroes conducts the search for a” democracy 3.0 “in a thorough manner both in terms of content and form. They are especially aware that no one falls off along the way – because democracy can only be shaped or reinvented if everyone participates […] The performance is thought-provoking and builds a bridge to the “real world”. The micro-democracy that emerged in the show continues to resonate “

– Pzazz

[Translated] To keep democracy real and alive, we must change practices. The creative people on stage know how to stimulate people to come up with small and big suggestions, heartwarming and surprising. Great experience!

– Teaterkrantz
Where do we want to go with the governance of the future? In Search of Democracy 3.0 examines the issue among citizens throughout Europe – and in Moss. With drawings, films and a performance, they put the concept of democracy in a concrete and everyday setting that everyone can participate in. In Search of Democracy 3.0 Project Trailer © Stichting Nieuwe Helden


Norwegian spoken version:

Concept: Company New Heroes
Artistic advisor: Lucas de Man
Script: Oukje den Hollander
Director: Thomas Østgaard
Co-creators and performers: Marte Sofie Løkeland Eide, Bendik Østby Johannessen, Silje Lindberg
Produced by: Østfold Internasjonale Teater, Malin Østli

English spoken version:

Dutch Company New Heroes and director Lucas de Man has traveled around Europe with their project and visited Moss, Fredrikstad and Drammen both in the autumn of 2021 and in 2023.

Artistic director and host: Lucas De Man (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
Performer and host: Willy Thomas (ARSENAAL/LAZARUS)
Dramaturge and host: Sarah Eisa (ARSENAAL/LAZARUS)
Musician and performer: Niels Kuiters (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
Research and creative producer: Jasper van den Berg (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
Film director: Emma Lesuis (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
Production management: Kim Eldering (Stichting Nieuwe Helden)
Curator-producer Norway: James Moore (Østfold Internasjonale Teater)
Production Coordinator Norway: Fredrik Borgund (Østfold Internasjonale Teater)
Co-production: Atelier 231 (FR), Festival di Terni (IT), Freedom Festival (UK), La Strada Graz (AT), Lieux publics (FR), Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK), Oerol Festival (NL), Theater op de Markt (BE) and UZ Arts (UK) og Østfold Internasjonale Teater (NO).

In Search of Democracy 3.0 was developed as a pilot project under IN SITU Act with support from the EU-program Creative Europe.

Read more about the project here: www.insearchofdemocracy.com 

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