Antero Hein: Coterie

Dance meets extreme sports in this cross-aesthetic work by performing artist Antero Hein in collaboration with actors from Fredrikstad’s parkour community!

“Coterie” is a small group with a common interest. In this piece, the title might refer to a common interest in the urban activity of parkour: Creative movement in urban space, often with strong acrobatic elements.

Parkour practitioners see the city in a different way than the average city walker: For them, it is a playground with endless possibilities for improvisation with the surroundings: poles, vertical surfaces, ledges and heights.

Performing artist Antero Hein has a background as both a parkour practitioner, a dancer and choreographer. He is searching for an artistic framework where parkour can be structured and choreographed to create a specific expression. “The result is parkour with a kind of quiet seriousness and sensuality between the performers and their surroundings, without losing the improvisational, acrobatic and unpredictable,” he says.

Take a new look at your neighbourhood through the parkour elements, this work-in-progress that highlights the city’s architecture and surfaces!

COTERIE (plural coteries)
a small group of people with shared interests,
often one that does not want other people to join them.

Kilde: Cambridge Dictionary


Antero Hein: Choreographer and performer
Nikolai Arnesen: performer
Martine Bentsen: performer
Martijn Joling performer
Szymon  Ryś: performer
Bartek Widerski performer
Cecilie Lindemann Steen: outside eye

Join us to Åpen Scene!

The audience at Coterie has the opportunity to continue directly to Dansekunst i Østfold’s Åpen scene (Open Stage) at Blå Grotte. This is an arena for professional choreographers and dancers from Østfold and the surrounding area who want to share their work with the audience in Fredrikstad. The performers are showing short pieces in different genres. See the website of Dansekunst i Østfold, dansiostfold.no, for this years program.

Østfold dansekompani for ungdom will show the way to Åpen Scene for those who want to continue, showing excerpts from the choreography Ta inn by Torill Kolsrud and Sindre Sten Eriksson Vik!

Østfold dansekompani for ungdom: Ta inn

In a world filled with busy steps and fast movements, many people go through life without truly taking in the world around them. These people are unaware of the beauty that surrounds them, and they miss out on the deeper experiences that being present in the moment can bring.

Co-creating dancers: Amelia Oliver, Bethina Juelsen, Hedda Johanne Øvretveit, Iben Schade Grynnerup, Jenny Iuell-Heitmann, Johanna Ranang, Lea Tolke, Mie Brynildsen, Mina Nybøle, Olivia Apold-Aasen(deltatt i prosess men ikke i visning), Rebecca Frykman, Serafina Wexels-Moore, Sol Pedersen, Thale Bjerke, Tuva Fagerås
Choreographers: Torill Kolsrud og Sindre Eriksson Vik
Music: Buddha on Acid by Klanglos (edited version)