By Johannes Bellinkx and Dennis van Tilburg

Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

Turn your back on the familiar and experience Fredrikstad in a completely new way in this hypnotizing sound walk through the city centre!

Johannes Bellinkx invites you to walk along a marked route through the city center with a specially composed soundtrack in your ear. The walk has a simple twist: You must walk backwards

Documentation video:

Reverse was shown during Culture Night Fredrikstad in 2021. See the documentation here:

Video: Harald Fossen

Turn your back on the future

Bellinkx is concerned with our perception of time and reality. Going backwards requires you to turn your back on the future and be 100% present in the now. By surrendering to the moment, you will have a unique, sensual experience where you see the urban space and life in a completely new way, former participants say.

You will follow a clearly marked trail, so you are in safe hands. At the starting point, you will be assigned a headset to wear throughout the tour. You will hear a soundtrack adapted to the exact place you are at all times, set of by from transmitters along the trail.

Praktisk informasjon

The walk itself will take around 60 minutes at a very leisurely pace. It can be carried out both by adults and by children who are comfortable walking alone. The participants will start one by one, with approx. 3 minute intervals.

On Saturday and Sunday, the usual low price applies:)

Book your ticket for the watering in September 2021 via the links at the top (expired). Meet up at Flesketorvet by the Kaffebrenneriet at the specified time.

Total duration including introduction and return to meeting place: Approx. 90 min.
Large parts of the hikes take place outdoors, so dress for the weather. Remember good walking shoes!

If you need universal accommodation, contact the organiser.


Consept: Johannes Bellinkx
Sound design: Dennis van Tilburg
App.developer: Teackele Soepboer
Installation: Thijs Wieman
Instructor: Eva Kijlstra
Sensortech: Merijn Versnel
Bag: Merel Kamp
Produced by: SoAP Maastricht
Production management: Anna Huizing
Co-production: C-TAKT / ØIT
Curator-producer ØIT: James Moore
Photo: Thomas Seest (øverst), Dennis van Tilburg
Reverse is produced with support by: Performing Arts Fund NL, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Stichting NDSM Werf, Over het IJ Festival og Das Graduate School, IN SITU og Creative Europe.

in situ

Read more about the artist and producer here:


More on Reverse:


– Det skjer en eller annen kortslutning… Dette blir man avhengig av!
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