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Meet the performing artists of tomorrow!

24.02.24 kl. 13:00 – 19:00Meet the performing artists of tomorrow!FredrikstadØstfold Internasjonale TeaterÅpent for alle

Meet the performing artists of tomorrow

Welcome to an open seminar by and with the Master students in Performance at the Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad!

In February 2024 The Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College invites you to participate in events of sharing practices of the MA Students in Performance and MA Scenography. Click here to read about the first seminar, The Sound and the Silence, a seminar dedicated to sound in a scenographic perspective.

The Acts of Affectual Hospitalities  

– a series of performance lectures

Saturday, February 24th
Østfold Internasjonale Teater

Dokka 3a, Fredrikstad/Kråkerøy
Open to everyone

Through shifting forms of hospitality, the students will question how we share knowledge, bodies and spaces, through performing aspects of their research projects and archives. These collective situations seek to both queer and deepen the relationship between audiences and the students´ research methodologies.

Our common interest is in finding situations that invite polyphonic interactions between facilitators, performers, participants, creative methods and materials challenging rigid structures in academia and the arts in general. The event includes performance actions, presentations, collective experiments, light refreshments, and open reflections.

We will have a revolving door policy, but encourage people to stay with us the entire day.

Program (Updated 22.2)

13:00 Doors open
13:30 Welcome16:30 Lehry
14:00 Muza17:30 Karoline 
15:00 Waldane 18:30 Gathering
16:00 Break19:00 End

MA students in Performance 2022-2024:

Karoline Amalie Severinsen is a European based performance artist, working with immersive, site-specific, interactive and presence based performance art. Her present research is in the themes of care and hierarchy, always touching upon ethical questions in our everyday life. She has been working as a performer and director since 2015, both doing small scale DIY performances and performing in big productions. She has performed in a Reumert-awarded performance in Denmark (2019) and in the German Theatertreffen (2022). 

Waldane Walker is a creole Performance Artist that contextualize their interactions through the philosophy “Make your world smile”. A Jamaican native, who in their artistry illuminates and provokes socio-political concerns such as gender, identity, and racism – by deconstructing imperialistic structures of oppression. As a multidisciplinary artist working across the mediums of dance and physical theatre, performance installation, site-specific and immersive performance and theatre, Walker is fervent about research in the arts and culture and currently explores their artistic expressions in projects on screen, on stage and in the streets.

Muza de la Luz ’s work is interdisciplinary, rooted in dance and explored through the genres of burlesque, drag, and video. Using themes of ritual, mythology, transformation, desire, and the erotic Luz raises consciousness around issues of gender identity, sexuality, sex worker rights, and environmentalism.
They are a trans nonbinary, genderfluid, queer, multiethnic, Latinx who synthesizes these aspects of identity within a basis of somatic practice into performance.

Mohammed Ellyas Lehry is an independent post-colonial citizen of India and a decolonial solo theatre-maker. His work is a process of self-investigation and self-questioning. He observes his body as a record – of stories, narratives, knowledge and violence that has been performed, and brings to the surface these aspects of himself to eager and uneager listeners. He is constantly flirting with the ideas of the visible and the present and produces tension by bringing attention to the unseen, absent and invisible parts of life. Lehry aims to make this artistic knowledge of theatre and performance more commonplace and help people tell their own stories.

Alejandro Chellet is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist, curator and cultural practitioner based between Europe and North America. Their artwork addresses the misplaced core principles of coexistence; the loss of connection with nature; and the political and environmental context of urban-rural societies. They have made performances about the absurdity of the distribution of food in our capitalist society. Alejandro has also created participatory art projects, where teaching people how to grow organic vegetables, build clay ovens and cooking and baking outdoors.  They are currently researching Radical Hospitality for his Master of Arts in Performance at the Norwegian Theatre Academy. 

NTA Alumni forum

– a reunion of NTA alumni exploring the futures of performance

Sunday February 25th
Østfold Internasjonale Teater
Dokka 3a, Fredrikstad/Kråkerøy
For previous and current students of NTA only

Through this reunion NTA alumni question how we create networks of support, sharing resources and knowledge in a post pandemic era. This collective event seeks deepen creative collaborations and relationships. It is a first attempt to bring the NTA alumni under the ØiT umbrella to discuss the future of our field under the new legislations around international students’ fees and funding challenges for art and education. The event includes performative presentations, collective experiments, light refreshments, and embodied and talkative reflections and meditations.

About the Norwegian Theatre Academy

This event is organised by MA in Performance, Norwegian Theatre Academy (Høgskolen I Østfold), in cooperation with Østfold Internasjonale Teater

The Norwegian Theatre Academy is a department of the Østfold University College and is located in Fredrikstad. The school offers full-time bachelor’s programmes in acting and in scenography, as well as master programmes in performance and scenography, as well as a research and study environment in performance, scenography and theatre in the expanded field.
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