KunstFest vol. 5: Artivism

With KunstFest vol5: Artivism ØIT and a dream team of international artists invite you to an evening all about art, activism and taking social responsibility in a creative way.

Verden sa ja

Verden sa ja (The World Said Yes) is a fascinating show for the little ones about the development of our world.

Meet the performing artists of tomorrow

In February 2024 The Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College invites you to participate in events of sharing practices of the MA Students in Performance.


Østfold Dance Company for Youth perform "Sandstorm" by Carl André Johansson on several events in 2024.

Strekk dansefestival!

Østfold Dance Company for Youth invites all dancers aged 13 to 23 to Strekk dansefestival: A dance festival for young dancers in Østfold.