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Særp Tropez Pappen

03.10-03.11 2024 kl. Særp Tropez PappenSarpsborgOlav Haraldssons gate 99Tickets

Særp Tropez |Pappen|

– hard work, big and small lies, relentless love and a well-deserved vacation.

Særp Tropez |Pappen| is the second in the trilogy Særp Tropez. Here the audience is taken through the darkened and ribbed production rooms in one of Sarpsborg’s iconic buildings! EXTRA TICKETS and are released on tuesday, June 11th at 18:00.

There were long queues to get into the disused Sarpsborg prison this fall, when the first performance in the trilogy, Særp Tropez |Fengselet|, played to full houses. The production was a huge success and a talking point, both in Sarpsborg and the rest of the country. Now we look forward to the continuation!

Spilleplan Særp Tropez |Pappen|

3. oktober – 3. november
Olav Haraldssons gate 99, Sarpsborg
(Gamle Pappen/ Peterson)
Tickets will be released March 19th at 18:00

Cici Henriksen teams up with deWangen productions and this time takes on a fallen giant, namely the old Sarpsborg Pap- og Papirindustri AS – popularly known as «Pappen». The performance Særp Tropez |Pappen| will be made in and for the gigantic factory premises that until recently constituted an essential lifeblood of the town.

Hard work and well-deserved vacation

So many hours of work have been put into this cornerstone company. So many miles of corrugated cardboard, packaging, paychecks, smoke breaks, union meetings, milestones, company teams, sick days and lifelong camaraderie. And then – nothing. The huge, old Pappen is now empty and deserted.

Strange Tropez moves in and writes poetry on the ruins, painting stories and tales based on what was and what could have been. Small and big stories, nice and strange moments, darkness and light, palm trees and liver pate slices – and everything in between.

The theater experience will be a journey through halls, offices, machine rooms and right to the core of a family chronicle that unfolds between friends and family, love and conflict, hard work and well-deserved vacation.

Practical info

Tickets will be released on Tuesday 19.3.2024 at 18:00 (see links in the schedule at the top of the page).
The language of this production is Norwegian.
The performance takes place in a disused factory. Pkease choose warm clothes, as it can be cold in the large premises. The performance requires the audience to move around. If you need accommodation, please contact us by email: sarptropez(at)gmail.com


Artistic management: Cici Henriksen, Morten Bendiksen og Claire de Wangen
Direction and script: Cici Henriksen og Claire de Wangen
Lighting design, scenography and photos: Morten Bendiksen
Production manager: Ronja Kløver
Produced by: Særp Tropez Produksjoner og deWangen-produksjonerin cooperation with Østfold Internasjonale Teater
Supported by: Norsk kulturråd, Sparebank 1 Østfold Akershus, Betongbygg

About the Særp Tropez-triology

Særp Tropez is an explosive, beautiful and rough theater experience in some of Sarpsborg’s closed buildings. Three performances will premiere in the period 2023-2025. The first performance in the trilogy opened i Sarpsborg prison November 16th, 2023:
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