Særp Tropez I Fengselet I

Særp Tropez is explosive, beautiful and rowdy theater experiences in some of Sarpsborg’s most iconic, closed buildings. Three performances created by Cici Henriksen and others will premiere in the period 2023-2025. The first performance, Særp Tropez – Fengselet, took place in Sarpsborg prison.

Østfold International Theatre began a three-year collaboration with actor and producer Cici Henriksen in the fall of 2023. Three different performances in the project Særp Tropez will premiere in the period 2023-2025 – but not on one stage:

-Together with a group of other artist from Sarpsborg, I will take over three iconic, empty buildings in Sarpsborg and create interactive, site-specific performances, based on documentary material from my hometown, Henriksen wrote when she contacted ØIT.

The first performance in the trilogy, Særp Tropez, Fengselet, premiered on November 16, 2023.

Særp Tropez, Fengselet (the Prison)

Særp Tropez, Fengselet (the Prison) open the gates of the prison and invite the audience into the thoughts, dreams and nightmares of the inmates and staff. Sometimes the world outside can be just as frightening as inside.

Pratical information:

Opening on November 16 2023, and playing until January 9th 2024.
Please buy your ticket in advance. The performance starts on time.

Meeting point:
Outside the gate of Sarpsborg prison, Bryggeriveien 7, 1727 Sarpsborg.
It will not be possible to wait indoors.

We recommend parking by Glengshølen. (Unfortunately, it is not possible to park at Kiwi.)

The performance takes place in a prison. We warn you about cramped spaces, fast movements, and themes that are part of what happens in a prison and the reasons why you are there. We therefore ask you to take this into consideration when considering seeing the performance. Rest assured, however, that we are committed to ensuring your safety throughout your stay.

The recommended age limit is age 13 and up.

If necessary, please contact us by e-mail: sarptropez@gmail.com


Actors: Felipe Orellana Castro / Fela, Cici Henriksen, Hege Hvidsten, Kenneth Lorentsen, Thomas Stene-Johansen, Patrik Stenseth, Numa Edema Norderhaug, Gaute Næsheim, Martin Øvrevik.
I tillegg deltar flere statister og småroller.

Concept and direction:  Cici Henriksen
Co-direction: Erik Schøyen
Script: Audun Fagervold Hansen, Cici Henriksen, Hedda Sandvig, Erik Schøyen
Alle skuespillere har vært med å utvikle manus, scener og tekstmateriale gjennom improvisasjon.
Scenography Hanna Fauske, Audun Fagervold Hansen, Rina Henriksen, Trine Mathisen, m.fl.
Light: Agnethe Tellefsen
Sound: Håvard Gressum Antonsen
Dramaturg: Hedda Sandvig
Artistic consultants: deWangen-produksjoner v/ Claire deWangen and Morten Bendiksen
Photo: Morten Bendiksen
Logo: Eilif Fjeld Teisbo

Production manager: Ronja Kløver
Producer: Cici Henriksen
Production assistant: Rina Henriksen
Lighting technician: Daniel Grinden

Produced by Særp Tropez Produksjonerin collaboration with Østfold Internasjonale Teater.
Supported by Kulturrådet, Sarpsborg kommune og Sparebank1 Østfold Akershus.

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