KunstFest Vol. 3

You are invited to a new KunstFest at Østfold International Theatre! KunstFest Vol. 3 is inspired by the modernist salons: The guest list includes, amongst others, Ukrainian underground legends Foa Hoka – and as legendary Kate Pendry, joining us with her monologue My Dinner with Putin.

KunstFest combines great art experiences and good atmosphere. The party takes up the entire first floor of Østfold International Theatre, and always has an open bar. The evening will contain both announced and unannounced events.

Please note that audience for My Dinner With Putin needs to be present by18:00!
Doors will be closed until the end of the performance at apr.19:30, when the program continues.

Saturday, April 15th, 17:30-24:00
17:30 Doors open

18:00-19:30: My Dinner With Putin
19:30-24:00 Foa Hoka, 27 Rue de Fleurus, Netanel Seri, Polyfonic life
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Kate Pendry: My Dinner With Putin

In her skillful and delicious monologue My Dinner with Putin, Kate Pendry unpacks the manifold ways in which we ethically reason ourselves into making wrong decisions.
Norsk Shakespearetidsskift

My Dinner With Putin is a monologue performance about how Pendry almost had dinner with Putin because she befriended a close friend of the Russian leader.

The monologue tells the story of how an unknown actor was suddenly offered the Hollywood dream: Shooting a film with Robert De Niro and the world-famous director Nikita Mikhalkov – a close friend of Vladimir Putin. But then comes pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine..

The performance is a demonstration in hypertextuality of our modern life, jumping seamlessly between the working class Vienna in 1933, Moscow in 2022 and Los Angeles in 1955. We meet Pussy Riot, Robert De Niro and Putin – in the form of a doll. At the same time we meet an actress playing herself playing an actress auditioning for the role of an actress being herself.

This true story is tied together by a Hollywood drama with dark humor and an analysis of the media’s fetishization of war and how the West reacted to the invasion of Ukraine. The performance examines how power structures affect us, and how we as individuals put blinders on when serious events stand in the way of personal achievement.

Kate Pendry has written and produced over 50 plays for the theater stage. My Dinner With Putin is based on her own story and was partly developed at ØIT during a residency in spring 2022.
The performance premieres at Vega Scene in Oslo on 16 March 2023.

NB! My Dinner With Putin is performed in English.

Author and performer: Kate Pendry
Director: Mads Sjøgård Pettersen
Musician and composer: Audun Aschim Steffensen
Producer: Camilla Svingen, Syv mil
Camera operator: Benjamin Mosli
Costume adviser: Elisabeth Nøkland Johansen
Effects maker: Steinar Kaarstein
Lighting designer/ technician: Martin Maisch Brandvoll
Audio-video technician: Thomas Hildebrand
Photographer: Tormod Lindgren
Playwright/ Dramatikkens Hus: Mari Moen
The production is financially supported by the Norwegian Culture Council, Fond for lyd og bilde, FFUK,
Dramatikkens Hus, Bergesenstiftelsen, Fritt Ord and Østfold International Theatre
Collaboration partners: Dramatikkens Hus, Vega Scene, Hamar Theatre

Foa Hoka

Foa Hoka is a Ukrainian underground band and multimedia project, perhaps one of the most extravagant, experimental acts on the Ukrainian alternative scene ever. Their music is described as “folk industrial”, experimental rock combined with post-industrial electronics, minimal techno, current funk, psychedelic ambient and new and cold-wave elements. Launched in the beginning of 90’s, Foa Hoka still­ holds its position as Ukraine’s most consistent and up-to-date underground project.

Foa Hoka’s favorite sounds and instruments include flutes, distortion effects, brass instruments, retro analogue synthesizers & drum machines, sub bass, guitars, hypnotic samples, abstract beats & dub vibrations. They have released a number of CD & bootlegs, toured extensively and done numerous appearances on various modern art festivals.

KunstFest vol 3 will give the Norwegian audience an exclusive chance to experience Foa Hoka live. We will also be showing their short film FON  created in cooperation with Sampled Pictures aka. Oleg Chorny & Gena Khmaruk. https://foahoka.com/

Damon/ Holte: 27 Rue de Fleurus

27 Rue de Fleurus was the address of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas’ home in Pari. It was also the scene of their famous salons – where radical young artists and intellectuals in Paris gathered to discuss and experience avantgarde art. 27 Rue de Fleurus is also a performing arts project under development by Ingrid Damon and Vera Holte. During KunstFest Vol 3, they will present a performance lecture about art, literature, geniuses, love and desire for change, for food and for power.

Berkeley/ Behrens: Polyphonic life

Polyphony is an ancient song tradition and a modern way of life: we are always surrounded by multiple voices each ‘singing’ their own melodies and they interweave into the fabric of our world. In this short interlude, Ditte Berkeley supported by Electa Behrens will explore ways of tuning and harmonizing our polyphonies towards healing and empowerment. Ditte will sing from her extensive repertoire of songs from polyphonic traditions and the event will open out towards audience interaction and meeting through sounding and being present for the voices around us.

Electa Behrens is a performer, deviser, and Program Responsible of the BA in Acting at the Norwegian Theatre Academy with a focus on the emerging field of vocal composition for the deviser. She holds a Practice as Research (PaR) PhD from Kent University (UK), a PaR MA from Exeter University (UK) and a BA from Vassar College (US).

Ditte Berkeley (Denmark, UK) is a vocal and performance artist as well as a voice supervisor and trainer. working with a.o. Teatr ZAR, Studio Matejka, the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław, CPR  in Wales and Source Material in the US. While in Fredrikstad, Ditte Berkeley will be leading her workshop Voice Tale (Speaking Song)! More info about the workshop here:
>> Workshop Voice Tale. Speaking Song

Netanel Seri

Performer and N.T.A. student Netanel Seri had great sucess at KunstFest Kulturnatt in september 2022. At KunstFest Vol 3 he will focus on sound, and the sound’s impact on the human body. The audience will be invited to participate!


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