…Så leste jeg Naiv.Super.

-A tragicomedy about isolation, mental illness and detachment.

Så leste jeg Naiv.Super. (Then I read Naiv.Super.) is based on actor Kai Kenneth Hanson’s own existence sometime around the turn of the millennium.

In the show, we meet a young man who plays videogames all night and sleeps all day, while the bills pile up in the drawer.

He would rather just not have to deal with everyone else – be it the lady who calls from the debt collection agency, dysfunctional family members, the friends who call and want to take him out for beer, the neighbor Erlend – who supposedly has written a book – or people who steal other people’s liver pate.

He thinks he might need a teacher. A wise old guy who with solid life experience. A kind of “wax on, wax off” type. 

Then one day he discovers Erlend’s book in a bookstore and, on an impulse, begins to read it.

It changes everything.

This is what the press says:

“Jag har sällan sett en monolog som griper så starkt […]”

Svante A. Löwenborg, Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift

“Så leste jeg Naiv.Super er en sår og umiddelbar monolog om de vanskelige 20-årene. Et fornøyelig og smart skrevet stykke som flere vil få stor glede ut av.”

Cornelius C. Steinkjer, Subjekt.

“Ikke naivt, men supert.”


Cast and crew:

Produced by Kompani K in collaboration with Vega Teater.
Text: Kai Kenneth Hanson and Henriette Vedel
Director: Moqi Simon Trolin
Scenography / Costume: Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen
Composer / Sound design: Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg
Lighting technician: Lars Langsholdt
Stage combat: Ingvild Lien
Producer: Kai Kenneth Hanson and Torvid Flademoe
Prompter / assistant: Frida Ferd
PR and Marketing: Rannveig Lie at The Oslo Way
Poster photo: Eivind Platou.
Photo, video: Magnus Owe and Erika Hebbert


The script has been developed i.a. under Østfold International Theater’s residency scheme with support from Dramatikkens hus, FFLB and Fritt Ord. The performance is supported by Norsk Kulturråd, FFLB, Spenn, Fritt Ord, FFUK, Fond for Frilansere, Bergesenstiftelsen and Østfold International Theater.