Call for extras

On Saturday, August 24, 2024, Østfold International Theatre is staging the performance “Det Siste Værste” with the award-winning performing arts company De Utvalgte and the iconic band Motorpsycho. Now, some of Fredrikstad’s residents can join them on stage. Will it be you?

“Det Siste Værste” is part of the new arts and culture festival §112 Fredrikstad. The spectacular performance will take place outdoors in the Jotne FMV Vest area, and will take the form of a unique rescue operation.

An extraordinary experience

You don’t need any previous theater experience or dance skills to become one of the actors on stage. The production is looking for adults aged 17 and over, with no upper age limit, who would like an unusual experience. Men are especially encouraged to sign up!

The production is also looking for groups, such as choirs, pensioners’ associations, sports teams, bridge clubs, bands, cycling clubs, hiking buddies, running groups, groups of friends – just to name a few. Each group receives a small financial compensation.

Tasks and time

There are simple tasks to be performed by the extras on stage, and each group receives its own instructions. None of the extras will perform any text, but will be an important part of the larger ensemble. You will be assigned simple movements to be be rehearsed in advance. Each group will beassigned a group leader who ensures that the movements are in place for the premiere.

The extras must attend a three-hour workshop either June 7.-9. or June 14.-16.. The workshop will take place inside the theater’s rehearsal hall, in Dokka 3 at Værste.

This will be followed by daytime rehearsals (approx. 4 hours) on Saturday August 17th and Sunday August 18th, evening rehearsals on August 21st and 22nd, and a dress rehearsal on the evening of August 23rd. Finally, there will be the premiere on Saturday, August 24th (evening).

How to join

The production welcomes you to sign up by sending your full name and a phone number where you / your group can be contacted. Also, please write a sentence or two about how many people you want to sign up, and who you or your group are. Contact anette@oit.no

Don’t miss out on this fun and memorable experience!

Read about the production here:
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