Merry Christmas!

Østfold Internasjonale Teater wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2023!

We thank our audience and partners for accompanying us in 2022 with this digital representation of the mural “Østfoldvandreren”, created by Simen Langeland:

Simen has been with ØIT since 2020, as an illustrator in the project In Search of Democracy 3.0. With this mural created especially for the theatre’s new audience foyer, he portrays the Østfold region with many of its local and regional characteristics. The motif can be seen as a map, but also as an adventurous troll-like figure wandering towards the sun.

– There are two concept ideas to the work, explains Simen:

– Firstly, it is a kind of geographical journey where cities and towns are portrayed through various symbols and references to cities and towns. In addition, we wanted to say something about the role of art in the region; i.a. in being investigative and questioning existing power structures and established truths. So if you look more closely, you will discover that there are figures in the picture working to dig out underlying structures.

A closer look at the detailed work is recommended! For example at the new premiere of the “Robin Faller” in March?

ØIT’s administration is back on 2 January. We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas holiday and a brilliant 2023!