Dansekunst i Østfold in collaboration with Østfold kulturutvikling and Østfold dansekompani for ungdom presents four different dance expressions during an hour long dance performance.

Østfold dansekompani for ungdom performs an excerpt by Jo Strømgrens: “A dance tribute to the art of football”. This was Jo Strømgren Kompani’s breakthrough performance in 1997, and dives into the madness, aesthetics and physics of football through a language taken from ballet and contemporary dance. The work is rehearsed by Sverre Magnus Heidenberg who has a background as a dancer in Jo Strømgren Kompani.

Sigurd Christian Dahle Uberg has choreographed «TV taught me how to feel». The work deals with the origin of our attitudes, values, expectations and references in a time where information intervenes all the way into our bodies. Through movement, text, composition and music, Uberg explores these themes in a physical way.

Siv Stormo-Gaustad shows the work «Communicare», which means «make shared». The way we communicate with other people is something we acquire through observation and influence of others. Stormo-Gaustad and her dancers take us on a journey in communication through movement inspired by jazz and contemporary dance.

Camilla Tellefsen presents “Togetherness”, an urban and innovative exploration of the balance between “we and I”, “me and you” and “us and you”. With popping and street dance-based techniques, the dancers physically work to create moods and images that illustrate the borderland between community and individuality.


Excerpt from Jo Strømgren choreography
rehearsed by Sverre Magnus Heidenberg (dancer in Jo Strømgren Kompani)
Siv Stormo-Gaustad
Camilla Tellefsen
Sigurd Christian Dahle Uberg

Live Haug Skullerud (Fredrikstad)
Sebastian Robert Solem (Moss)
Sigyn Sætereng
Josephine Gracia Slaaen
Sara Enger Larsen (Moss)
Sandra Gerecke
Sigurd Christian Dahle Uberg (Sarpsborg)
Rina Rosenqvist
Jøran Ravndal
Quyen Nguyen

Dancers from Østfold dansekompani for ungdom (dance company for youth):
Hedda C. Serigstad
Tilde W. Berglund
Bethina H. Juelsen
Sunniva Ruud
Anna Helle
Hannah Berger Nilsen
Ida Victoria Pedersen
Anaís Morel
Karin Holmquist
Alexandra Myhre
Gio Kraghe Storgárda
Maja Stavik Meyer
Maria Ekseth
Emma O´Callaghan
Hedda Gamnes
Eva Carina G. Løken
Tuva Berglund
Malin Myhrvold
Selma Holmquist

Dansekunst i Østfold – Helene Maria Bakker
Anette Havna Tømmerholen
Tone Marie Rosenvinge Hjorth-Johansen
Østfold Dansekompani for Ungdom
Project manager: Ellen Røhr Staff

Photographer: Line Martinsen
Dancer in the photo: Josephine Gracia Slaaen
Graphic design: Jorid Kruse