Mellemrum Encounter – an artistic city tour in Moss

by Kristine Andreassen | 25. mai 2016 | Kunst i offentlig romScenekunst

Front flyer for Mellemrum Encounter Moss. Design: ERIK(SEN)

Exciting things are happening in Moss. The Peterson factory will be closed down in 2012 after having been in operation since the end of the 19th century and plans for new infrastructure in Østfold with construction starting in 2018 will be of great importance to the city. A double railway track through Moss means a massive change in one of the city’s oldest districts. The old railway building will be left standing, while the wooden buildings nearby will have to give way to a new and larger station. This affects the entire area around the ferry berth, the harbor and not least Moss city center. When the Peterson factory was closed down, art moved in. Performing arts Østfold has in the last two years been able to offer several unique performances in and around the old factory premises in connection with the annual NonStop International Theater Festival. This year we want to take to the streets.

Our curator and producer James Moore has in recent years been involved in Moss’ urban development and through conversations with municipal planner Terje Pettersen in Moss municipality, gained insight and an overview of the changes that Moss is facing. Through funds from, among others, IN SITU European Network for Artistic Creation in Public Space where Østfold kulturutvikling (then Scenekunst Østfold) is the only Norwegian member, we have the unique opportunity to invite exciting artists to Moss to create an artistic city walk during the festival in September 2016. We have engaged artist Kitt Johnson from Copenhagen, who in May 2016 is in Moss to lead a ten-day laboratory. This is followed by two visits in September and October for inspections and research.

Kitt Johnson is both a dancer, choreographer and artistic director for several projects within site-specific art. She has created her Mellemrum Encounter in several places in the world and will now take the concept to Moss. Scenekunst Østfold has, in collaboration with Kitt, engaged six local and national artists to help design the city walk. Each artist is assigned an area in the city. Here they will choose one or more places where they will create a poetic experience in response to the surroundings. The city walk and the artists’ short performances will give the audience a unique experience and a new insight into their own city. We’ll be back with more information and the option of booking tickets.

Artists involved in the project:

From Mellemrum Encounter flyer. Click the image for a larger view. Design: ERIK(SEN)
Orientation by municipal planner Terje Pettersen at ByLab in Moss city center. Foto: James Moore
Inspection at Moss harbor. From the left: Fredrik Borgund (Scenekunst Østfold), Kitt Johnson, Knut Olsson (inspector at Moss harbor), Ellen Røhr Staff (Scenekunst Østfold) and James Moore (Scenekunst Østfold).