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a new arts and culture festival §112 Fredrikstad is a

Særp Tropez |Pappen|

Særp Tropez |Pappen| is the second in the trilogy Særp Tropez, taking place in some of Sarpsborg's iconic, empty buildings.SarpsborgOlav Haraldssonsgate 993.10-3.11.2024

Verden sa ja

Verden sa ja (The World Said Yes) is a fascinating show for the little ones about the development of our world.Østfold Internasjonale TeaterBarnas verdensdag25.5.2024

Happy holidays and 2024!

Østfold International Theatre would like to thank all our audience and collaborative partners for 2023! The theatre will open January 2. 2024, with an early spring program dedicated to young audiences and performers.

Østfold dansekompani for ungdom

Østfold Dansekompani for Ungdom (ØDU) is a project company for

Launch: ØIT’s fall program 2023

Are you ready for a new theatre season? Thursday 24.8, Theatre Director Thomas Østgaard will launch Østfold International Theatre's fall program. Watch the filmed presentation here!Online presentation

Særp Tropez I Fengselet I

Særp Tropez is explosive, beautiful and rowdy theater experiences in some of Sarpsborg's most iconic, closed buildings. Sarpsborg prison16.11.23-9.1.24

Direct Action Theatre

How are protest and performance connected? Direct Action Theater (D.A.T.) combines art and activism.Fredrikstad Centre and ØIT 20.4.2024

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