Dritt // LA MERDA by Cristian Ceresoli

… and it is important to me that you know that it is not for the sake of fame or for the sake of money, no, it is rather that you take control of your own life and not just experience it from the couch.

LA MERDA, Cristian Ceresoli’s hilarious, poetic and shocking play, has become a global phenomenon. Since the debut at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, LA MERDA has played for full houses and won a sea of international awards. The Times of London described Ceresoli’s text as “brutally disturbing and humane”. In the autumn of 2018, Dritt // La Merda had its Norwegian premiere in Moss, followed by the Østfold tour, before the show was a resounding success in Stavanger and played for full houses for five weeks.

Helga Guren received the Hedda Award 2019 for best female actress / lead role for her interpretation of the protagonist in Dritt // La Merda. Read about the award here >>

In DRITT // LA MERDA we meet a young woman who struggles with her miserable self-esteem while she stubbornly fights to break through in a world where gorgeous thighs give freedom. The war she fights with the demanding surroundings brings her to the brink of anger and hysteria, at the same time as she parries this with self-irony and self-knowledge that arouses compassion and reflection in the audience. This story alternates between political criticism, pornographic obscenity and sentimental nostalgia. The text clearly shows that we are willing to stand in shit to the knees to be recognized on the street.

Helga Guren receives a standing ovation at the performance 21. sept at Nonstopfestivalen. Photo: Trine Sirnes

DRITT // LA MERDA is a desperate attempt to pull humanity out of the mud. Cristian Ceresoli’s strong text builds on the Italian artist and social critic Pasolini’s idea that the consumer society is a totalitarian system worse than fascism.

Helga Guren is the first in Norway to perform this text, which as much as a performance can be experienced as a musical composition. Directed by Audny Chris Holsen. DRITT // LA MERDA is the third collaboration between her and Helga Guren. The performance follows the critically acclaimed “A Doll’s House” (2016/17) and “Hedda Gabler” (2018) at Rogaland Teater. Østfold kulturutvikling presents the Norwegian premiere of this sensational Italian success, LA MERDA, in collaboration with POS Theater Company, Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions & BaGS Entertainment during the NonStop International theatre festival in Moss.

LA MERDA by Cristian Ceresoli was first produced with SILVIA GALLERANO on stage, by Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions and Produzioni Fuorivia in collaboration with Summerhall. The production has since toured extensively in Italy and Europe, including seasons at the Soho Theater (London) and Maxim Gorki Theater (Berlin). The original, award-winning production is still touring internationally.

Produced by Østfold kulturutvikling & POS Theatre Company in collaboration with Frida Kahlo Productions, Richard Jordan Productions & BaGS Entertainment in collaboration with Summerhall.

Cast and crew:
Director: Audny Chris Holsen
Protagonist: Helga Guren
Space: Arne Nøst
Lighting design: Norunn Standal
Sound design: Jonas Bjerketvedt
Photo and visual design: Stig Håvard Dirdal
Artistic consultant: Per Olav Sørensen
Translation: Ilene Sørbøe
Prompter: Elisabeth Fjermestad
Marketing and communication: Agnes Sirland
Adviser: Ida Frederiksen
Producer: Vilde Broen
Technician: Øyvind Andresen

The performance has an adult theme, and is recommended for adults and young people from 15 years of age.


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